October 2018

The Super Bowl cannot be in Vegas yet because no one is really ready to have the game in a place where. Most of the nation’s gambling is going. If someone is planning to gamble on the game, they might go to Vegas just for that purpose. Also, the NFL only just approved a move for the Raiders to Vegas. That alone was a big step, and the NFL is not in a position to them go the next step. There are a few things that have to happen before the NFL can let the Super Bowl be played in Las Vegas.

1. The Laws

The NFL and other sports leagues have to reconcile the new laws that have been allowed because of the Supreme Court ruling on gambling. This means that the leagues are going to want a piece of the action, and they have to be happy with that before they can let something even bigger happen in Vegas. Also, the Raiders have to get through a couple seasons without any trouble. That would help the NFL buy into the way that sports are played in Vegas.

2. The Game Is Too Big

The NFL is worried about the most important game of their season being played under mysterious circumstances, and that is why they would not want the game to be in Vegas. They can handle having eight games a year in Vegas because that is easy to control. However, they do not know what would happen because so much money is bet on the Super Bowl ever year.

3. Working With Gambling Support Groups

The NFL has to establish more relationships around the world of gambling before they can let the Super Bowl be played in Vegas. They want to have something of a partnership with the casinos, and they want to prove to the public that they will not let people gamble all their money away on one game.

4. How Long Will It Be?

The NFL could have the Super Bowl in Vegas in five to ten years if they want to get the city on the schedule. Of course, the city has to build a bigger and better stadium, but that is something that could easily happen because they are already working on something for the Raiders. This means that it is only a matter of time before the league is planning to have the game in the city.

5. The Raiders Need To Bring Fans

The Raiders also have to prove that people in Vegas actually want to watch these games. If the team can do well for itself with its own fans, they will be much happier knowing that they can hos the Super Bowl there and get fans in the stadium along with the people can afford to attend the game.

6. The League Moves Slow

The NFL has moved slower than any other league on the gambling issue, and they will be the last to make good on promises to work with the casinos or simply allow sports betting to take place. The NFL wants to strongarm many of the cities in America into paying them an integrity fee, but they also want to make certain that they have their hand in it. If that is something that cannot be done, then the NFL will hold out. That would make it even harder for the league to approve a Super Bowl date in the city.

7. The Money

The city of Las Vegas brings in a lot of money, but they are not used to being partners with sports teams. The people who love to gamble will go there anyways, and that is something that a lot of people do not understand. The NFL thinks that people will want to come out and gamble more, but they also want to be certain that they have the best interests of their own league at heart because they want nothing more than to make more money every year.

8. What Is The Prediction?

The Super Bowl will go to Las Vegas eventually, and it is very interesting for people o predict when that might happen. The majority of people who are following football believe that it can be done very soon, and they also believe that a lot of money can be made along the way. The people who want to have a better time in the city will push for the Vegas franchise to have a Super Bowl, and they will see it happen much faster than most.

9. Conclusion

There are a lot of people who are trying to see if the NFL will let the Super Bowl be hosted in the Vegas area. They might be surprised if the NFL ever lets it happen because the league is so opposed to gambling.